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The Traffic Blast

The Traffic Blast Hand-Submits to the Top 40 Search Engines

We HAND-SUBMIT your website to
the TOP 40 search engines on the Net!

Don't be fooled by offers to submit your site to "thousands" of search engines -- your reward will only be an inundation of "junk e-mails" filling your inbox. We are not a "spidering" service. The Traffic Blast hand-submits your website's URL to the Top 40 Search Engines on the Net, including Yahoo, AOL, Lycos, Google, Hotbot and Alta Vista!

Our service submits your site to each of the top 40 search engines individually, guaranteeing better listings and more visibility for your site.

For best results experts recommend submitting once a month. Some search engines drop sites after a few weeks. To stay listed and not risk being dropped, we recommend you choose one of our multiple submission options and save over 35%!

Tips for successful placement

Search Engine List


$6.95 -- 1 time Hand-Submittal to the Top 40 Search Engines

$29.95 -- 6 hand-submittals (save $11.75)

$49.95 -- 12 hand-submittals (save $33.45)

$19.95 -- 4 hand-submittals (save $7.95)

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